Do your employees work in several shifts, from the countryside?

Choose the best travel solution for them!

Entrust us with transporting your employees!

Much more economical travel costs per person,

a demonstrably more competitive alternative to public transport.

We save your time and energy

with our IT system which has been specially developed for employee transport, passenger transport can be easily planned and changed.

Transparent logistics system

which allows passengers to be identified and tracked.

Flexible, bus route adapted to the schedule,

rural workers arrive at their workplace without transfer, with as little travel time as possible.

Comfortable, environmentally friendly vehicles,

your employees arrive at work safely and comfortably, hereby increasing their performance at work.

Comfortable and safe pick-up points

Our bus routes offer several pick-up option, consequently each passenger can choose the pick-up point closest to their homes.


For workers

At Buszrent, we offer you a plannable travel system tailored to your company's needs.

We have been involved in labor transport for almost 20 years, during which we have performed millions of shifts with our vehicle fleet of more than 100 buses. From the beginning, we have strived to build a unique, cost-effective, yet flexible logistics system, which we are constantly developing and improving to this day. We believe that development never stops.
Within the framework of our transfer of workers, we also start comfortable buses from settlements, from which the transport of labor can be solved only to a limited extent by public transport.

Hereby, even in the case of multi-shift work schedules, your employees arrive at the workplace in a coordinated and punctual manner, whether it is a weekend or a night shift. On request, we also provide a special bus route for office workers. We offer a penalty guarantee for our service.

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