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5 reason why should you choose personal transportation

We believe that personal transportation can only be accomplished with maximal responsibility, attention and thoroughness. We believe that our partners we work with associate the same qualities with us.

If you are interested in worker or employee transportation please search amongst our options to find the most comfortable and suitable travel solution for your workers. Below our group transportation section you can find all the information about our contracted partners who have used our facility more than one time annually. They are usually sport clubs, institutions or anybody who regularly uses transportation facility. Last but not least below our event section you can read everything about all the solutions from case by case transportation and even events for a hundred people.

If you travel with us …

… you will be provided constant transportation for your employees based on their work schedule

… you have chosen a company where millions of kilometers are ridden annually

… you have chosen the biggest bus company with over 50 different capacity, and highly modern and equipped buses

… we provide solutions fit best for you, even with better prices than the mass transportation

5 reason why should you choose personal transportation

Our partners love to work with us because they know we constantly try to be:

  • punctual
  • reliable
  • responsible
  • up to date
  • and flexible!

Our financial stability is guaranteed by Bisnode:

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Whom did we prove already?

We are proud for the fact that we managed every single request starting from the individual requests dealing with just a few people, till the enormous projects transporting thousands of employees.

Let us know your requests, and let us prove you that we are your best option for personal transportation!

Worker transportation

Our contracted partners

Case by case transportation / For events

For families, groups, from the unique trips till the biggest events.