If you need a charter

you should choose a partner who is cost effective and gives you the best offer!

Choose the nearest county to you!

For events

Work trip with the colleagues? Wine tasting with your friends? We help you organize your event!

Choose a partner who is time and cost-effective with optimal conditions! Thanks for our modern buses we are able to provide individual trips as well. Our transportation makes the journey easy, comfortable and provides a flexible solution for your trips.

Why we?

  • Our buses are equipped with seat belt due to the safest transportation
  • We provide 0-24 service duty
  • We send off buses equipped with clime
  • In case of traveling abroad we provide ski box and trailer
  • DVD player and wifi is also available on our buses

Upon request we can also help with the organization tasks the make the event better

What kind of events are we suitable for?

  • Trainings and exhibitions
  • Transportation of delegation
  • Events of travel agencies
  • Wine tastings and cellar tours
  • Transportation of the wedding guests at night
  • Participants of conferences
  • Groups for airport transportation

Why we?

Flexible fleet adjusting to the goups numbers
Outstanding experience and know-how
Guarantee besides liability penalty
More than 133 vehicles in our fleet
High security
Unique optimalization

About us in numbers

We ride 7 million kilometers annually, you can imagine it like our buses drove around the Earth every second day.
We transport 400.000 people annually which is twice the population of Debrecen
of vehicle
More than 133 vehicle we are the biggest fleet in the region